Debbie Ormonde is a prolific motivational speaker and coach whose enthusiasm is contagious. Currently, she resides in Bakersfield, California.  She received her Doctorate in Divinity from Summit Bible College and is the founder of Be Finally Free, Inc.  Debbie has a notable 34-year background in the security industry where she managed, recruited, and trained staff and executives, thus demonstrating her competency and expertise as a leader and a communicator.

Having a diverse perspective on life and many interesting experiences, Debbie left the corporate world in 2011, and has been following the path of her true passion and calling ever since: to inspire and empower individuals who have lost their way.  Her primary message is simple yet powerful and focuses on personal restoration, servant leadership, and on the crucial role that relationships play in life.

As a professor at Summit Bible College and a partner of the Impact Center, Debbie teaches on many topics, including interpersonal relationships, organizational, communication, team-building, servant leadership, freedom from bondage, Identity, stepping out of your comfort zone, marriage, facing your fears, etc. Debbie has also taught various seminars on such topics throughout the United States and Internationally.

Not only is she deeply involved with her community and calling, but she is entirely devoted to her family. Debbie has been married to her wonderful husband, Kevin, for more than two decades and serves with him at Mountain Top Community Church in California Hot Springs, California.  Together, they are the parents of six beautiful children and have nine lovely grandchildren.