Freeing the Prisoner From Within

After a troubling past, along with devastation, death, terminal illness, and murder within her own family, Debbie discovered that Jesus wasn’t just someone you learn about in Sunday School or even read about in the Bible, but He is a friend, companion, and confidante. Freeing the Prisoner from Within is a story of the relentless pursuing love of God for a raging wild child. This story is about God and how He uses our pain, struggles, and successes to draw us to Him.

“I first met Debbie when she was 12 years old, I was 16. She was the most unusual girl I had ever met. Debbie’s childhood was anything but normal. Her story shows how the human spirit can be torn and broken, but in finding God’s love and acceptance, lives can be changed, repaired and used, to inspire others. God’s greatest soldiers are the people who have been challenged, fallen down, trampled on and still get up to face another day. Debbie’s journey has been a long hard road, but she trusted in God to get her through it all and she is an inspiration to every life she touches.”

Ann Maskill President, Main Street Insurance Company, Michigan

“Being the child of a single mother, who grew up in a life of chaos and mental destruction lead to my childhood of adventures and countless lessons. I have watched my Mother transform from a struggling single mom, to a successful business woman, to the woman God created her to be. My Mom has endured heartbreak beyond your wildest imagination, yet through God’s amazing grace she is now fully walking in His plan for her life! Debbie is a proven example that surrendering to Christ leads to living, walking, believing and teaching complete freedom in Christ! she has taught me the importance of being brave, the wisdom of listening to God and the determination to achieve greatness. She took all of who she was, is and will be and poured into my life. I am a better Mom, wife, friend, and child of God because of her!”

Lisa Ritter, Debbie Ormonde’s Oldest Daughter