Speaking Topics

Here are just a few of the hundreds of topics available.  Debbie would love to talk to you about customizing a topic for your specific needs.

The Perfect Storm

Is the storm raging in your life?  Have you felt like you’re drowning?  Do you seem like you just get your head above water and your hit with another wave?  Storms came in the life of Jesus as well. He and the disciples found themselves in the middle of a ferocious squall out on the lake.

Storms will come!  There are many who do not seem to understand this.  Even the disciples seem to be shocked that they were in this position.  After all. wasn’t Jesus with them?  Wouldn’t God protect His Messiah, and therefore protect his followers?  How then could this happen?  I sometimes meet people who have the same feeling of shock when some storm comes into their lives.  Didn’t I do all the right things?  Isn’t God supposed to watch out for his own?  Doesn’t he protect those he loves?  How can this be happening to me?  I am sure those are the questions which were marching through the heads of the disciples.

Mark 4:35-41

Falling in Love with Jesus

Love is defined in today’s society many different ways. Love can also be the cause of the scars that mark your heart. Sometimes you have to look backward to move forward.  When we give our lives to Jesus, intellectually we know He is good and that His care for us includes wanting what’s best for us. What if our past makes these truths hard to process? Can you put the fear and anxiety aside to claim the true love Jesus has for you?

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

This is an 8 session seminar; however, Debbie is willing to work with you to make the material fit your program needs.

“Many people view leadership the same way they view success, hoping to go as far as they can, to climb the ladder, to achieve the highest position possible for their talent. But contrary to conventional thinking, I believe the bottom line in leadership isn’t how far we advance ourselves but how far we advance others. That is achieved by serving others and adding value to their lives.”


Lead Like Jesus


This is an 8 session seminar; however, Debbie is willing to work with you to make the material fit your program needs.

Based on the book Lead Like Jesus by Ken Blanchard, Debbie discusses the traits of a leader who is focused on Christ, rather than themselves. The seminar breaks down the habits and philosophies of a leader by different parts of the body while leading them through many self-reflective and evaluative exercises. The end result is a better personal understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Each participant leaves with the tools necessary to improve and grow.

The Kiss of Death

Matthew 26:14-16; 20-25; 47-50

There are many famous people in the Bible.  There is Moses who has parted the Red Sea. Daniel slept in the lion’s den. King David at a young age killed a giant.  Jesus is the King of Kings.  The most infamous person in the Bible is Judas Iscariot.  Debbie walks you through an examination of Judas’ heart, which leads you to examine your own heart.

God’s Expectations

Acts 2:36-47

Expectations. They define how we look at other people and how we see ourselves.  Learn what God expects of His children. When we truly understand what God’s expectations are, we can fully learn to live in sync with Him.

Setting Expectations Early Can Make for Happier, Longer Lasting Relationships

Contrary to what most people will tell you, great relationships don’t just “grow naturally.” They require communication.

Think about this statement for a moment: You could have avoided almost all of your relationship problems.

The belief in modern dating is that relationships should happen naturally. Two people meet, and if they are “right” for each other, like magic, everything will fall into place. You make sure not to come on too strong, let things just happen, and avoid talking about or placing any expectations on the relationship. How has this worked out? Successful relationships, at any level, require more communication then the magic.

One Small Step to Destruction

Judges 16:1

Most of us don’t plan on messing up our lives. How do we do it?  Who would be so stupid to risk so much for so little?  By studying the life of Samson, the steps of destruction that can bring down even the strongest people are looked at from a modern day perspective.

ALL IN: Freedom in Jesus

Weekend Retreat

John 8:31-32

Debbie has spent years ministering within prison walls all over the world. Her time within those walls has taught her one thing: freedom has nothing to do with bars.  Many prisoners have more freedom in Christ than the people that sit next to you in church.  You will learn how you can break the bondage that holds you captive and realize that the God of the Universe loves you with unconditional, radical, self-sacrificing love.

Which Way Are You Running?

Weekend Retreat

Jonah 1-4

Jonah was called by God and ran. His disobedience led him straight to the belly of a fish. As we look at the story of Jonah, you will learn that the fish in the story is a prop. God uses it to get Jonah’s attention and to turn him away from his disobedience for the purpose God has for his life. The story is not about a fish, it is not about the wind or the storm. The story is about how God works even when you are disobedient. What would time in the belly of a fish tell you about where you are within God’s purpose for your life?

hitting the mark

Hitting the Mark

Acting in obedience to the Lord’s leading is often a difficult path for Christians.  Debbie speaks about an episode of extreme obedience and how it took a path other than what she expected.  An amazing testament to how our obedience can lead to Kingdom work far beyond our expectations.

Life’s Greatest Spiritual Secret

Have you ever struggled and fretted because your life wasn’t going the way you wanted?  Do you feel that way right now?  You have legitimate needs and desires. You know what would make you happy and you pray for it with all your might, asking God to help you get it. However, if it doesn’t come to pass, you feel frustrated, disappointed, or even bitter. Sometimes you do get what you want, only to discover that it doesn’t make you happy after all, just disillusioned. Many Christians repeat this cycle, wondering what they’re doing wrong. I should know. I was one of them.